Your Best-In-Class Payment Platform

Connecting your business to abundant payment opportunities in a

Our platform allows you accept multiple payment methods from your customers locally and internationally

Secure transaction

For higher security level, our platform applies multiple fraud rules and external partners’ fraud engines for every processed transaction.

Simple and easy integration

Our use of efficient development suites, web and mobile SDKs allow you to integrate with the Platform within minutes.

Scalable Platform

As you increase volume and grow, our platform allows you to easily move into higher processing levels without much issue.

Our Solutions

Unlock a world of possibilities with our product offerings. Our solutions are tailored to meet your payment use cases.


Accept payments from your customers locally and
internationally through our supported payment types.


Make single and bulk transfers to bank accounts from your dashboard or via APIs.

Pay Bills

Provide your customers convenient and effective means to pay their bills by integrating our bills payment APIs. Gain access to multiple billers on our bills payment platform.


Create, share, cancel and regenerate invoices. Track your payments and overdue invoices. Send reminders to your customers.

Payment Links

Receive payments from your customers without a website or integration. Generate and send payment links to your customers in your preferred currency.

Recurring Payments

Accept recurring payments and manage subscriptions from your customers using our recurring payment solution in accordance to specified billing or payment cycles.


We have our APIs well documented for your consumption, take a look.

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